Xbox One Mag Hacked by Ecuadorian Cyber Army

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Members of the Ecuadorian Cyber Army recently claimed to have breached the French Xbox One Mag Web site, and published user data online.

The hackers posted a statement on Pastebin in protest of Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa, reading (in a rough translation from Spanish), "We don't have a president, we don't want Rafael. Rafael Correa won because the battle from the other candidates was too weak. Rafael Correa was a referee, with a campaign paid for by the state" -- followed by 2,035 users' full names, e-mail addresses and mailing addresses.

Since there's no clear connection between President Correa and a French Xbox news site, it's safe to assume the hackers' choice of target was based purely on the ease of finding a vulnerability -- but assuming the data is legitimate, 2,035 French gamers can now expect a flood of spam.