Wagamama Hacked

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Websense researchers recently found that a Web site for the popular Wagamama restaurant chain, goeast.wagamama.com, had been compromised and injected with malicious code in a RunForestRun attack.

"RunForestRun attack exploits vulnerability in Parallels Plesk to obtain user account credentials, then compromised accounts are used to modify JavaScript files ... [the] modification consists of obfuscated script," writes Websense's Artem Gololobov.

"The obfuscated script [creates] an iframe with pseudo-random generated URLs," E Hacking News reports.

"In the end, these URLs lead the victim to the well-known BlackHole exploit kit," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "Since this attack is not new, most security solutions are able to identify and block the malicious URLs. However, at the time of writing, our trusty antivirus was still displaying warning messages when we tried to access the goeast.wagamama.com subdomain."