TroubledTeenSolution.com Hacked

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As part of #OpLiberation, an effort to expose abuse of children at institutions for troubled teens, a hacker recently breached TroubledTeenSolution.com, a site linked to the Thayer Learning Center, a Christian boarding school for troubled teens that was shut down in 2009 (h/t HackRead).

The hacker published admin users' cell phone numbers, company names, full names, e-mail addresses, user names and encrypted passwords, along with what appear to be notes from sales calls placed in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The call logs include parents' and children's full names, along with notes such as "kid now worse has regular dealer for pot faxed contract and sent to transport," "have decided on 4 week dad on board, scheduled for intake 6/28 at 3:00pm," "will work on contract could be a problem getting bio mom to sign she not on board," "dr has now put him on zoloft, doing this now because of finances," and "just want info so she can scare her."

Other recent targets of OpLiberation include Arizona's Oak Creek Ranch School and the Web sites TeenProgram.info and RestoringFamily.com.