Teen Hacks 259 Web Sites in 3 Months

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Police in Austria recently arrested a 15-year-old boy for hacking into 259 different companies and posting stolen data online in the course of three months from January to March of this year.

"Authorities allege the suspect scanned the Internet for vulnerabilities and bugs in websites and databases that he could then exploit," writes ZDNet's Emil Protalinski. "As soon as he was questioned, the young boy confessed to the attacks, according to Austria’s Federal Criminal Police Office."

Protalinski writes that the teen, described by police as anti-social, said he launched the attacks because he was bored and wanted to prove himself.

"The young hacker, who operated under the pseudonym ACK!3STX, had apparently signed up on a hacker forum and, after discovering that the site awarded points for successful hacks, had started rising through the ranks until he was among the top 50 hackers on the 2,000 members strong site," The H Security reports. "Investigations of his activities were taken over by the Austrian federal police's new Cyber Crime Competence Centre (C4) after the agency had received multiple complaints from companies in the first few months of the year."

"Victims included sports companies and adult entertainment sites, among many others," writes Threatpost's Anne Saita. "Police began to monitor the teen's activity after receiving several complaints early in the year and got a big break last month when the hacker's anonymizing software failed and his IP address was revealed."