Saudi Oil Company Hacked

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Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia, was recently hacked.

A company statement on Facebook reads in part, "On Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012, an official at Saudi Aramco confirmed that the company has isolated all its electronic systems from outside access as an early precautionary measure that was taken following a sudden disruption that affected some of the sectors of its electronic network. The disruption was suspected to be the result of a virus that had infected personal workstations without affecting the primary components of the network. Saudi Aramco confirmed the integrity of all of its electronic network that manages its core business and that the interruption has had no impact whatsoever on any of the company’s production operations."

"On the other hand, one of the hacker groups that has taken credit for the breach (at least two collectives claim to be behind the attack) says that the virus has caused serious damage to Saudi Aramco’s infrastructure," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "They claimed to have 'destroyed' 30,000 computers owned by the organization, which, according to anonymous sources, represents around 75 percent of Aramco’s network. They state that a large amount of sensitive information has been stolen and that the damage inflicted on the company’s systems will probably affect operations for quite some time."

"The identity of the strain of malware that caused the breach has not been released," writes The Register's John Leyden.