Right-Wing Web Site Offers Free Gun In Return for Hacker's Identity

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After ads for pornographic Web sites were placed on the conservative Web site The Daily Caller, the site has responded by offering a free semi-automatic pistol in exchange for the name of the hacker.

"The Caller is in the middle of a weekly series of giving away 9-millimeter pistols to its gun-loving readers, and this week's contest is now a one-off special: Find the hacker and win the gun, an FMK 9C1 manufactured in California," writes DCist's Benjamin R. Freed. "The FMK 9C1 is a semi-automatic pistol that takes between 10 and 14 rounds. It also comes with the Bill of Rights engraved on its casing. And The Daily Caller will give it to you if you can track down that pesky, porny hacker."

"[The] contest raises a question: Are the type of people who possess the skills to track down a hacker also the type of people who would be motivated by a free gun? Intuition suggests that most cybersecurity geeks prefer to use zeros and ones as weapons," writes Slate's Will Oremus. "For that matter, how many skilled hackers are reading the Daily Caller at all? The guess here is that the site will have more luck with its other hacker-related gun giveaway -- an essay contest that asks readers to describe what the Daily Caller should do with the hacker once it finds him (the site apparently assumes the culprit is male). Revenge fantasies -- now that’s something at which I can well imagine the site’s readers will excel."

"Most important of all, the out-of-touch macho posturing wins [Tucker] Carlson & Co. attention from the scandalized, stupefied, and sympathetic alike," writes Daily Intel's Joe Coscarelli. "Welcome to the Internet."