Rex Mundi Hackers Leak Numericable Data

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The extortionist hacker group Rex Mundi recently published data allegedly taken from Belgian telecom Numericable (h/t Softpedia).

Softpedia reports that the hackers asked Numericable for a payment of 22,000 Euros to prevent the release of the data. When the company refused to pay it, the hackers published 6,000 customers' names, e-mail addresses, home phone numbers, mobile phone numbers and addresses. The posted data has since been removed.

"As usual, we offered this company a chance to prevent their customer data from being released over the Internet," the hackers wrote alongside the data. "To prevent this from happening, all Numericable had to do was to was to pay us 22,000 Euros."

Numericable had previously stated that none of its customer data had been compromised as a result of Rex Mundi's attack on its systems.