Macau Government E-mail Accounts Hacked

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The Macau Daily Times reports that 34 e-mail accounts at telecom provider CTM were hacked earlier this month, and the hackers' IP addresses were traced to Hong Kong and the United States (h/t South China Morning Post).

According to the Times, CTM says it responded to the incident by "immediately triggering established processes and adopting the [required] measures as recommended by the industry's best practices, in order to safeguard the integrity of the network and, ultimately, the customers' services and data integrity."

In a separate article, the Times reports that Macau chief executive Fernando Chui Sai On stated that e-mail accounts belonging to several government departments were among those breached, though he didn't specify which departments were hacked or what information may have been accessed.

"I can tell you that government departments are included [as targets of the hackers], but I can't disclose further information," Chui said. "The PSP [Public Security Force] is investigating and will let the public know about their findings when the timing is appropriate."

While he wouldn't speculate on whether the breaches were part of the U.S. National Security Agency's PRISM surveillance program, Chui said Macau's Personal Data Protection Office has issued a formal letter to the U.S. asking if Macau was covered by PRISM.