LulzSecPeru Hackers Hit Peruvian Government Web Sites

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Members of LulzSec Peru recently breached and defaced several Web sites belonging to the Peruvian government, including the government's main portal at peru.gob.pe (h/t Softpedia).

According to HackRead, the hackers also leaked a wide range of data, including the site's database, users and administrator details such as e-mail addresses, user names and phone numbers.

The hackers are protesting the fact that the government's Web sites and e-mail servers are hosted by Global Crossing, which was acquired by Level 3 Communications in 2011.

A Google Translate version of the defacement statement reads, "Umm OK, let's be honest with you, the websites and e-mails of the state is hosted on the servers of Global Crossing. Global Crossing is the leading vendor of information to the NSA, so all of the state they are giving to the NSA. ... The website of the Presidency of Peru and the mail server are hosted in the country the United States, as may be possible that even this after U.S. intelligence continues to operate in that country. Mr. 'Mirko Repetti' Global Crossing current Peru manager is a charlatan to tell all your customers that provide security for your data when you do."