Los Angeles County Police Canine Association Hacked

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Members of CabinCr3w today published the names, addresses and telephone numbers of more than 100 members of the Los Angeles County Police Canine Association (LACPCA).

"LACPCA President Tony Vairo confirmed to CNET that the group's site was hacked and said that the FBI had notified him of the breach," writes CNET News' Elinor Mills. "He said he could not comment further."

"The hackers also claimed to have found what they described as a couple of objectionable photos of children in the private e-mails of a police officer whose account they were able to access because he purportedly used the same password as he did on the LACPCA site," Mills writes. "The hackers said they were reporting the e-mail content to the appropriate organizations protecting children from online exploitation."

Go to "Hackers nip at LA police canine group" to read the details.

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