Indian Hackers Hit Bangladesh

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Indian hackers "Yamraaj" and "404 !-!@!2$!-!@" recently breached and defaced hundreds of Bangladeshi Web sites, including 15 belonging to the Bangladeshi government (h/t Softpedia).

The breached Web sites include those for the National Web Portal of Bangladesh, the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, the Department of Prisons and the Department of Womens Affairs, among others.

As Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs notes, the hackers didn't deface the sites' index pages -- they simply added their own defacement page to each site.

The reason for the attack, according to a post on Pastebin, was that the hackers "Saw some aSsfire-BD guys symlinking our Indian server" -- or, as they told Cyber News in a private chat, the attack was in response to attacks launched against Indian sites over the past two years by the Bangladeshi hackers 3xpr1r3 Cyb3r Army.