Hackers Target First National Bank of Mercersburg


Members of the Tunisian Cyber Army recently claimed to have breached the Web site of Pennsylvania's First National Bank of Mercersburg as part of the Al Qaeda Electronic Army's anti-U.S. #opBlackSummer campaign.

The group told E Hacking News' Sabari Selvan that they had uncovered a SQL injection vulnerability in the bank's Web site and were able to retrieve data on 3,500 customers, including clear text login credentials, birthdates, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, and Social Security numbers.

In a Facebook post on Friday, April 5, the group wrote, "Today is the second wave of #FridayOfHorror attacks as a part of #opBlackSummer and like every Friday there will be more and more victim on your financial sector today the FNBMBG bank got back and 3500 users are in danger so we repeat it again if you don't declare that you will take out your army from our beloved Muhammad lands we will increase the level of our operation which will attack not only your financial sector but the next Friday will be an attack on your airlines (we will work on getting control of your airports computer and you know very well that we can do it) and the electrical sector."