$15,000 Stolen via Hacked Gmail Account

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Emirates 24/7 reports that Dubai-based Indian expat Anil Abraham recently found that $15,000 was transferred out of his bank account in India following a request sent by e-mail from his Gmail account, which was then followed by a signed document.

The funds were transferred to a Westpac bank account in New Zealand belonging to someone named Garry Albert Frazer.

"Frazer or whoever that hacked into my e-mail had managed to obtain crucial details about my bank account in India," Abraham told Emirates 24/7. "The person then corresponded with the manager in India, writing to him to transfer the amount and later forging my own signature to send additional documents."

The hacker was successful in spite of some egregious spelling errors, including spelling Kerala as "KEERALA" and 15 as "Fivteen."

To better protect your Gmail account, as Emirates 24/7 notes, it's a good idea to enable two-step authentication.