Hacker Steals More Than $100,000 From Online Poker Player

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On the Two Plus Two Poker Forums, user MicahJ recently announced that more than $100,000 was stolen from his account at Lock Poker.

"The hacker, 'highgrind22,' had contacted MicahJ with a proposition to buy some of his funds on Lock Poker," Online Poker News reports. "He also sent a screenshot of his bank statement to verify that he in fact had the cash to buy the funds."

"Unfortunately, it looks as if that the screenshot he actually downloaded was an .exe file and most likely a keylogger program, which can be the kiss of death for any poker player with any type of sizable bankroll online," writes 4Flush's TJ Gill. "In fact, keyloggers have been responsible for the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the online poker over the past few years, especially in the high stakes community."

"After gaining access to the valuable information, the crook started transferring money from MicahJ’s account," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "Besides transferring around $54,000 (€43,000) to his own account, the hacker also played and lost around $90,000 (€72,000). The victim’s account was overtaken for three consecutive days, allowing the attacker to freely perform the malicious activities."

"Since the incident, MicahJ has been advised to use another computer to change all his passwords and to sweep his original PC clean," writes OnlinePoker.net's A. Mitchell. "Meanwhile, Lock Poker has said it was currently investigating the incident."