Hacker ItsKahuna Publishes Statement Following Sentencing

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Hacker John Anthony Borell III, 22, a member of the CabinCr3w hacker group known as ItsKahuna, recently published a statement on Pastebin following his sentencing for hacking into police Web sites (h/t Cyber War News).

Borell was sentenced in September 2013 to three years in prison and ordered to pay more than $220,000 in restitution.

Central to his statement was the assertion that he had nothing to do with the March 2012 arrest of fellow CabinCr3w hacker Higinio Ochoa. "Did I assist the FBI in the arrest of Hig? It's quite apparent this has been the topic on everyone's mind during this all," he wrote. "There is such a simple answer to it, no. I mean, is it not overly apparent by the fact that his arrest warrant was issued by the court before I was even raided?"

To back up that assertion, Borell posted images of his pre-sentence report (PSR), which makes no mention of any assistance provided by Borell in the prosecution of other hackers. "Thus, my sentence is that of my sentencing guidelines and not reduced due to cooperation," he wrote.

He also wrote about the recent sentencing of Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond to 10 years in prison, stating, "I could go on and on about how ridiculous I find 10 years on a case started by entrapment led by the FBI through Sabu, or the ridiculousness of Judge Preska not recusing herself with such a conflict of interest as her husband being named in the release."