Hacker Hits the Faroe Islands

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An Australian member of Anonymous recently hacked 10 Web sites in the Faroe Islands in protest of Faroese whaling practices.

"Australian Anonymous member DoktorBass, who last month publicly regretted breaching an African feminist group, breached 10 Faroe Islands websites, accusing the community of 'illegal whaling,' according to his Facebook account," Bitdefender reports. "Telecommunication company Faroese Telecom, car dealer Nordcar, and news site NetAvisin are among the victims of the attack. Operation 'Harpoon' was also completed by several data dumps, including user and administration passwords. Over 1,500 e-mails and credentials were leaked from just one of the hacked web sites."

"'We have targeted your community because of the illegal whaling that goes on here. We want it STOPPED. For too long this has gone on, and day after day these poor innocent animals are slain for money and food. It’s a crime against nature to slaughter them in such a way, and it must END,' a message posted on the defaced pages read," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "The statement has been published on all the defaced pages in English and Icelandic. The hacktivist claims that this is only the first stage of the operation and that there is more to come."