Facebook Hacker Gets a Year in Jail

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A British hacker who accessed a U.S. citizen's Facebook account has been given a year-long prison sentence.

"Gareth Crosskey, 21, of Avon Close, Lancing, in West Sussex, hacked into his unnamed victim's profile on 12 January 2011, gaining access to an e-mail account in the process," writes The Register's John Leyden. "The breach was reported to the FBI, which traced the source of the hack back to the UK before turning the investigation over to Blighty's plod."

"The case was then passed to the Met’s e-Crime unit which traced it back to Crosskey and arrested him at home in July," writes TNW's Jamillah Knowles. "Crosskey pleaded guilty to offences under the Computer Misuse Act. We don’t know the purpose of Crosskey’s breach, whether it was an act of malicious intent or to test his own capabilities, but a twelve month sentence looks as though it will be a deterrent to others planning the same action. If the e-Crime unit and the FBI got involved, it’s a fair guess that something serious was going on."

"The details of the case are being kept under wraps," notes Shiny Shiny's Becca Caddy. "Did the FBI react so quickly because it was the Facebook account of a celebrity or important figure? Or is Facebook account hacking Facebook account hacking whether you're Obama or a 15 year old teen from Georgia? Who knows. It'll certainly be interesting to see whether Crosskey's case will set a precedent for future hacking incidents and where the authorities draw the line between serious hacking and an innocent joke gone wrong."