Ecuadorian Government Hires Hacker to Protect Elections

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Hacker Kevin Mitnick was hired by Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa to protect this past weekend's elections in the country.

"'I'm here in Quito, Ecuador to help secure the Presidential election. I am not speaking here on this trip,' Mitnick wrote on Twitter a few days before the elections. 'Securing the Presidential election meaning to secure it against unauthorized tampering, etc,' he added," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs.

"For those who don't remember, in the 1990s Mitnick was on a hacking spree where he gained access to hundreds of universities, personal computers and corporate networks including the likes of Apple, Motorola and even the FBI," writes TechEye's Nick Farrell. "He was arrested and banged up for five years. After his release, Mitnick helped private and public entities by providing them security consulting."

"Some see a certain irony in the fact that Mitnick, in monitoring Sunday's elections, is aiding the same Ecuador government that is sheltering another Internet vigilante -- WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange," writes AFP's Vanessa Teran.