Dubai Police Hacked

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Members of the the hacker group TheHorsemen recently breached the Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn accounts for the Dubai Police, along with what they claim are several Dubai Police e-mail accounts (h/t Softpedia).

On the hacked Twitter account, the hackers tweeted, "Dubai Police is spying on you, Isn't it fair that we the people do the same back?"

The hackers also published images of the breached social media pages online, along with an image of an e-mail that they claim demonstrates the police's use of social network monitoring and other online surveillance techniques.

The National reports that the Dubai Media Office stated in response that it had been "subject to a cyber attack and the concerned authorities are working on recovering the account."

In an e-mail sent to The National, the hackers claimed that the breaches were relatively simple to execute, with one of the breached accounts using the password "abc123."

They added, "We targeted Dubai Police because of their consistent efforts to keep a close eye on everyone. This must end. If not for our generation then the next."