Belgian Police Hacked

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Hacker SlixMe recently breached and defaced the official Web site for the Belgian Federal Police Service.

"The hacker ... added a defacement page -- containing some server information and a short message -- to the site’s 'log' folder," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "'Your log folder does a good job lolz. Special shoutout goes to one guy from Belgium,' the hacker wrote on the defacement page. ... This is the second police site hacked by SlixMe. Back in November 2012, he defaced the official website of the Lithuanian Police."

While the defacement page indicated that the site had been hacked by both SlixMe and MaX0xf, MaX0xf responded by stating on Pastebin, "I was NOT involved in this attack and I do not know anyone called SlixMe. I have stopped this a long time ago and I don't hack anymore and never used to really." In response, SlixMe later tweeted, "MaX0xf had nothing to do with hacking police website of Belgium."

The site has since been restored, and the log folder is no longer accessible.