BBC Server Hacked


Reuters reports that a Russian hacker known as "HASH" or "Rev0lver" recently compromised an FTP server at the BBC,, then tried to sell access to the server on Christmas Day of 2013 (h/t Infosecurity).

Hold Security researchers first identified the breach, but they say there's no evidence the hacker succeeded in selling access to the server.

Still, Hold Security founder and chief information security officer Alex Holden told Reuters that a breach at the BBC would certainly provide the hacker with bragging rights. "It's definitely a notch in someone's belt," he said.

And while the potential payoff from the hack doesn't remotely compare to the recent Target breach, Holden told the Guardian there could be significant value in access to the BBC's network. "Theoretically speaking, a hacker who is able to manipulate or fabricate a news story may crash financial markets, make millions, and cause billions in losses," he said.

"We often see high-profile companies like the BBC getting breached," Holden added. "Larger companies are targeted more because hackers can easily monetize their gains."