AntiSec Hackers Publish Data from Monsanto

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Hackers from AntiSec this week published an outdated database from biotech company Monstanto.

"In a statement posted with the database on a Pastebin site, the hacktivist group wrote it was aware that exposing the database would not do much harm to Monsanto but warned it would continue to target the company for what it sees as wrong," writes CNET News' Dana Kerr. "'Your continued attack on the worlds food supply, as well as the health of those who eat it, has earned you our full attention,' wrote AntiSec. 'Your crimes against humanity are too many to name on one page.'"

"AntiSec says the reason for the attacks is to protest the company's lawsuits against organic dairy farmers for stating on labels that their products don't contain growth hormones," Kerr writes.

Go to "AntiSec dumps Monsanto data on the Web" to read the details.

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