Anonymous Hackers Infected with Zeus Malware

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According to Symantec, a version of the Slowloris denial of service attack tool used by Anonymous has been infected with the Zeus Trojan.

"The Trojan will carry out the distributed attacks, but that's not all it does -- it'll also steal users' online banking credentials, webmail logins, and cookies," writes The Register's John Leyden.

"The deception began on 20 January, the same day as the FBI Megaupload raid, Symantec reports," Leyden writes. "Malware pedlars swiped the template of an Anonymous guide to launching denial-of-service attacks from Pastebin, modified it to include a link to the nobbled build of Slowloris, and reposted the message on Pastebin to snare victims."

Go to "Anonymous web weapon backfires with hidden banking Trojan" to read the details.

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