Anonymous Hackers Target Australian Right-Wing Party


Anonymous hackers recently defaced the South Australian Web site for Australia's far-right Family First Party.

The deface message posted on the site read, in part, "An open message to the Family First Party of Australia: Your moronic backwards preaching will no longer be tollerated [sic]. You claim to support family values -- but all you support is bigotry. You encourage your children to grow up as ignorant as yourselves. You spread a message of hatred and lies to push your uberconservative agenda. You believe in the destruction of civil liberaties, and the rise of a police state."

"Family First SA member Robert Brokenshire was unaware of the hacking until called by News Limited this morning," writes News Limited's Petra Starke. "''It's a pretty senseless and undemocratic thing to do, isn't it,'' he said. 'I mean it's not an offensive website or anything, I don't know what their beef is but obviously they don't like something we've said or done.' Mr. Brokenshire said the party would investigate the attack."

"Anonymous Australia claim they have no involvement in this particular attack," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "The affected website has been restored and it appears to be working properly."