Anonymous Hackers Publish ISP Customer Data


Members of Anonymous recently began publishing customer data stolen from Australian ISP AAPT in protest of a proposed Australian data retention law.

"Most of the data published so far has been redacted, but it includes that of high profile government customers including the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Bureau of Meteorology," writes ninemsn's Alys Francis. "Other important customers caught in the breach include Energy Australia, the ABC and the embassies of Switzerland, Iran, Thailand and Singapore in Australia."

"Some dumped customer records included bank account details with Anonymous saying 'we did remove part of those bank accounts' after the posting of 180,000 records," write The Australian's Andrew Colley and Chris Griffith. "One of the dumped files lists individuals' ID, name, company position email address, password and land line and mobile numbers. The records seem to be of business and government clients. Their ranks include CEOs, CIOs, office managers, IT managers and senior researchers."

"'We will not sit around as we have big brother watching us from all angles and eyes pointed at everyone,' said the loose-knit hacking movement Anonymous in a statement posted online, referring to a federal government proposal before the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security inquiry they are protesting that could see every Australian's online activities stored for up to two years by their ISP," writes The Sydney Morning Herald's Ben Grubb.