Anonymous Hackers Hit USTelecom, TechAmerica

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Members of Anonymous recently launched denial of service attacks against the Web sites of technology trade associations USTelecom and TechAmerica to protest the groups' support of the proposed Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).

"Both companies have publicly expressed support for the controversial Act, which, if implemented, would facilitate the sharing of security data between private businesses and government agencies as both sectors attempt to improve their response to cyber attacks," writes TG Daily's Trent Nouveau.

"Lawmakers say the goal of CISPA is to help companies beef up their defenses against hackers who steal business secrets, rob customer financial information and wreak havoc on computer systems," The Hacker News reports. "The bill would tear down legal barriers that discourage companies from sharing information about cyberattacks. But privacy advocates warn the legislation could lead companies to share private user information with federal spy agencies."

"Anonymous hackers took to YouTube to get their message out," writes eWeek's Jeffrey Burt. "In a two-minute video April 7, the hackers said CISPA and o ther proposed legislation posed threats to their activities. 'The more bills that are passed that target both the people and our domain, the Internet, the more we will commit to stand our ground and defend it,' a voice on the video says, calling any organization that supports the legislation enemies."