Anonymous Hackers Hit the Kremlin

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Members of Anonymous briefly took down the Web site for the Kremlin earlier today.

"The hacker activist group Anonymous used the 'Op_Russia' Twitter account to publicise the attack, saying 'kremlin.ru - TANGO DOWN' and 'Anonymous shuts down Kremlin's websites,'" writes Reuters' Vladimir Soldatkin. "Internet users in Russia said they were unable to access the www.kremlin.ru website for several minutes on Wednesday. 'All the relevant departments are taking the necessary measures to counteract (such) attacks,' a spokesman for the Kremlin Internet security division said."

"Anonymous Sweden also tweeted about the cyberattack, writing, 'Our sisters and brothers @Op_Russia visited Putin, and threw a digital shoe right up his kremlin, ...without ze lube #anonymous,'" writes International Business Times' Jacob Kleinman.

"The website of the Russian Federal Security Service, fsb.ru, has also had performance problems throughout the day, although there is no information on whether it has anything to do with Anonymous," RT reports.

"On 4 May, a group of hackers calling themselves the Russian branch of the Anonymous Movement promised to launch cyber attacks on the websites of the Russian state," New Europe reports. "In an Internet video that went viral, the Russian arm of the group said on YouTube it would shut down the government's main website on 6 May, when protesters staged a march in central Moscow and attack on the prime minister's website on 7 May. But the attack finally came on 9 May."