Anonymous Hackers Hit Indian Telecom Company


Anonymous India recently hacked the official Web site of the Indian state-owned telecommunications company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). The hackers defaced the main Web site, published login credentials on Pastebin, and claimed to have deleted all of the server's 250 databases.

"After analyzing the dump of database login information, we found that [the] company is really unconscious about their security from ... choosing passwords of sensitive servers like 'Password123,' 'p3nib2,' 'enquiry999,' 'password,' 'DelBSi666,' 'vpt123,'" The Hacker News reports. "Most obvious, these passwords are easily available in any wordlist and can be bruteforced in minutes."

"According to The Hacker News, Anonymous India has targeted BSNL for several reasons," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "One of them is that they want to protest against censorship. The hackers have also demanded the removal of section 66A from the IT Act of 2000. That’s because, over the past period, several individuals have been arrested for violating paragraphs from the section that prohibits the sending of messages that can be considered offensive or false."

"In the last few months, debate on the use of the IT Act in general, and Section 66A in particular has gathered momentum across the nation," writes Hill Post's Tarun Goel. "Aseem Trivedi, a Kanpur based cartoonist, was arrested on the charges of sedition after he drew controversial images of the Indian constitution and parliament in September 2012."