Anonymous Hackers Defend Charity Web Site

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Members of Anonymous have helped a New Zealand charity identify the hacker who took down its Web site.

"Anonymous, a loose-knit hacker group that's been the bane of governments and corporations worldwide, apparently doesn't take kindly to those who pick on charities or organizations devoted to helping children, such as Bryan Bruce's Red Sky Film & Television, which produced a documentary about the effects of poverty on kids in New Zealand," writes Network World's Paul McNamara. "Proceeds from sales of the film go to the cause."

"Bruce issued a plea on Facebook for help restoring his company's website after a hacker who called himself AnonVoldemort announced that he had hacked the site," BBC News reports. "Despite his name, the attacker was not a member of the hacker collective but was seeking to show that he had skills they could use."

"Mr. Bruce told the Herald he did not know exactly who had helped him -- or how -- but within a day he had an email with the details of the hacker, believed to be a 35-year-old man living in Madrid with his mother," writes The New Zealand Herald's Anna Leask.

"Bruce passed the details to the Spanish police -- and the AnonVoldemort account has disappeared from Twitter," Infosecurity reports. "The more attractive, moral, side of Anonymous has shown itself; but it will still be some time before the Red Sky Film and Television website is rebuilt."

"The site will be down for at least a month as Bruce pays to get it repaired," The Toronto Sun reports. "'In bringing down the site he was bringing down a charity, basically,' Bruce said."