Anonymous' Barrett Brown Signs Plea Deal


Wired reports that self-described Anonymous "spokesman" Barrett Brown, who faced up to 100 years in jail for a variety of charges, has signed a plea deal with prosecutors.

While the court has agreed to seal the plea agreement [PDF], Wired notes that a separate document [PDF] gives some indication of the likely nature of the deal.

That document lists two specific indictments, for accessory after the fact to an unauthorized access to a protected computer, and for obstructing the execution of a search warrant.

Regarding the first indictment, the document states that Brown helped a hacker nicknamed "o" hide his involvement in the 2011 Stratfor breach "in that Barrett Lancaster Brown did (1) conceal the involvement and identity of 'o,' (2) create confusion regarding the identity of the hacker 'o' and the purpose of the hack, and (3) communicate with representatives of Stratfor in a manner that diverted attention away from the hacker 'o.'"

Regarding the second indictment, the document states that by hiding his laptop during a search of his mother's house, Brown "did knowingly and willfully obstruct, resist, and opppose the Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation when they attempted to execute and executed a Search Warrant."

As Wired notes, these two charges represent a significant reduction in the amount of likely prison time Brown will face at sentencing.

Brown is scheduled to be re-arraigned on the new charges on April 29, 2014.