Anonymous' Barrett Brown Faces New Charges


Self-appointed Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown, who was arrested in September of 2012 for threatening an FBI agent and indicted in December of 2012 for linking to stolen credit card numbers, has now been charged additionally with "concelament of evidence" and "corrupting concealing evidence."

"The indictments allege that on March 6, 2012, Brown concealed 'two laptop computers,' in an apparent attempt to evade a federal investigation," writes Ars Technica's Cyrus Farivar. "Last October, the Dallas Observer cited a 'source,' who said Brown’s laptop was hidden among his mother’s dishes -- the source also seems also to be named in the indictment, under the initials 'KM.' Brown himself seemingly admitted to it the following day, where he posted this on Pastebin: 'the Feds came back a couple of hours later with a search warrant for my mom's place -- they fully intended to take a certain laptop, and did.'"

"Brown's former attorney Jay Liederman ... notes that all of the charges filed against Brown have him facing now a possible maximum sentence of 100 years 'for making YouTube videos, sharing a link and supposedly trying to hide two laptops,'" writes Wired's Kim Zetter. "'I would have thought in the wake of Aaron Swartz that the government might have learned something and might have thought twice about bringing the weight of the entire United States down upon someone when it wasn’t warranted,' says Leiderman."