Accused TeaMp0isoN Hackers Arrested Over Scotland Yard Attack

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Two teenagers were recently arrested in the UK following an attack by members of TeaMp0isoN on Scotland Yard's anti-terror hotline.

"The two males, aged 16 and 17, were cuffed in the West Midlands by cops from the Police Central e-Crime Unit," writes The Register's John Leyden. "A Scotland Yard spokesman said the duo were been questioned on suspicion of breaching the Malicious Communications Act and Computer Misuse Act - the UK's main anti-hacking laws. No charges have been brought as of Friday morning, he added."

"By using a phone based denial-of-service (DOS) attack the hacking collective was able to block all incoming calls to the hotline," writes V3.co.uk's James Dohnert. "Teampoison was able to redirect calls to an outside server which greeted callers with the words 'Teampoison.'"

"The hackers then claim to have exploited a 'weakness' in the Scotland Yard’s phone system to eavesdrop and record a conversation between officials discussing the incident," write The Telegraph's Martin Evans, Christopher Williams and Hannah Furness. "Recordings of the conversations were later posted on internet, suggesting an embarrassing lapse of security within Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism unit."

"In a four-minute recording of the conversation between the anti-terrorist staff on Thursday morning, one person can be heard saying that the hotline has been subject to about 700 phone calls 'from a group known as TeamPoison,'" write The Guardian's Josh Halliday and Vikram Dodd. "The person is then heard to say: 'One of the conversations I had last night was leaked on YouTube.'"

"In a statement accompanying the leaked phone call, Team Poison said it was protesting the planned extradition of several Middle Eastern terrorism suspects being held in the UK," writes SecurityNewsDaily's Matt Liebowitz.

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