PrivacyChoice Launches Free Privacyfix Browser Plug-in


PrivacyChoice recently released a free Chrome and Firefox browser extension called Privacyfix, which is designed to help users maximize their privacy on Facebook, Google and other sites.

"The browser app tells you which websites are sharing your data, tells you which are tracking you right now, and displays both Facebook and Google privacy settings in a simple, easy-to-navigate dashboard," GeekSugar reports. "Settings that you might want to 'fix' are flagged in yellow, and clicking on the 'fix' button will take you right to the opt-out page on the appropriate site, where Privacyfix shows you the pros and cons of changing that setting."

"Unlike other tracker blocker plugins, like Ghostery or Do Not Track Plus, PrivacyFix provides an estimate of exactly how much revenue you generate for Facebook and Google through your online activities," writes Digital Trends' Andrew Couts. "It’s an insight into the inner workings of the Web’s money machine that few of us have had access to in the past."

"Another nice feature of the extension's website analysis capabilities is its ability to show you an in-depth privacy analysis of any site you're visiting," writes TechHive's John P. Mello Jr. "That analysis includes an outline of a website's privacy policies and a list of who's tracking you at the website. Privacyfix also allows you to block more than 1000 companies that profile your behavior as you travel on the Web."

"In less than 10 minutes I had recalibrated my privacy settings and sent automatically generated email requests to delete my information from the sites PrivacyFix couldn't block," writes ReadWriteWeb's Dave Copeland. "If any settings change -- as is wont to happen amid ever-changing user agreements -- or if I visit a new site that is going to install tracking cookies or otherwise violate my privacy, PrivacyFix’s HealthTracker will alert me in the upper-righthand corner of my browser."