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  • A picture of a construction site in the distance representing the work done by Two Sigma Investments to build their own SIEM.

    An Investment Firm Built Its Own SIEM. Here’s How.

    SIEM solutions can be expensive and difficult to manage, so one company built its own – and is pleased with the results. At last week’s Black Hat USA, NYC-based financial technology firm Two Sigma Investments took the virtual stage to outline why their existing solution didn’t cut it, the work needed to create an in-house […]

  • blockchain security

    The State of Blockchain Applications in Cybersecurity

    Blockchain is best known as the database technology facilitating and securing cryptocurrency transactions, but its application to broader cybersecurity issues is just beginning. The brilliance of blockchain technology lies in its ability to validate transactions between parties, and, in turn, store a permanent record of those transactions on a decentralized network. This functionality makes forging […]

  • A picture of a line of matches showing a progression of chaos from one to the next; similarly a supply chain attack can have serious consequences for any organization that relies on a third-party provider for IT management services.

    Kaseya Breach Underscores Vulnerability of IT Management Tools

    Managed service providers (MSPs) have long relied on third-party software to manage clients’ IT infrastructure, but a massive ransomware attack launched over the weekend at customers of Kaseya will likely cause MSPs to take a harder look at the security of their IT suppliers. Kaseya revealed late Friday night that a zero-day vulnerability in its […]

  • Picture of an audience looking on to represent the annual RSA conference for cybersecurity industry professionals and the Innovation Sandbox Contest.

    And the Winner of the 2021 RSAC Innovation Contest is…

    The RSA Conference’s Innovation Sandbox Contest has been a source of new ideas and approaches for an ever-evolving cybersecurity industry for 16 years. This year’s contest was no different, as startup founders and leaders made their pitches from around the world. From agentless solutions for multi-cloud infrastructures to implementing zero trust and threat scoring, the […]

  • An image of an oil well stranded by human resources an incapable of operating.

    Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack Shows Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

    In the biggest cyberattack to date on critical infrastructure in the U.S., Colonial Pipeline – sprawling 5,500 miles from Houston to New York City – halted its mainlines on Friday, May 7, when administrators detected advanced ransomware internally. On Thursday, a day before the ransomware attack, Russia-based cyber criminal group DarkSide stole more than 100GB […]

  • Malware can't survive in this desert

    Sandboxing: Advanced Malware Analysis

    Antivirus protection isn’t enough to protect against today’s advanced threats. To fill this gap and aid in the analysis, detection, and testing of malware, sandboxing is widely used to give organizations the setting, isolation, and security tools needed to preserve the integrity of the host network. In 2021, sandboxes are now a fundamental part of […]

  • User placing digital card near laptop

    NFTs: The Newest Collectible

    NFT-mania, pronounced nifty, is upon us with little time to prepare. From news of a collage selling for almost $70 million at Christie’s auction house to a portrayal of Janet Yellen and Morpheus rapping about cryptocurrency on SNL, the current craze is all about non-fungible tokens (NFTs). But what are NFTs, how do they work, […]

  • critical infrastructure security

    OAuth: Your Guide to Industry Authorization

    Nearly a decade ago, the cyber industry was toiling over how to enable access for users between applications and grant access to specific information about the user for authentication and authorization purposes. Enter authorization-focused OAuth 2.0 and authentication-focused OpenID Connect (OIDC). In the last decade, organizations adopted OAuth and its companion OIDC to enable customers […]

  • How to Implement Zero Trust

    Zero trust has gone from new idea to buzzword and industry paradigm in a decade. Much more than a one size fits all product or service, zero trust requires an organization to identify its most sensitive assets, monitor traffic flows, and enforce granular, application-level access policies–all of which are entirely dependent on your organization. As […]

  • How to Implement Microsegmentation

    In an era where the network edge faces the highest traffic, organizations rush to add more robust security yet hesitate to take on the long-term endeavor known as microsegmentation. Microsegmentation is about identifying your organization’s most valuable network segments, establishing strict communication policies, and becoming the master of your network flows. Unlike traditional network segmentation, […]

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