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  • Endpoint and device security

    Best Cybersecurity Software & Tools

    Standalone cybersecurity tools are not enough to maintain the security posture of an entire organization. Between malware, phishing attacks, zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats, reconnaissance, and brute force attacks, hackers are looking for any and every avenue into a network. A number of solutions may be needed to protect against all of these threats if […]

  • Security cameras

    Best Privileged Access Management (PAM) Software

    Privileged accounts are among an organization’s biggest cybersecurity concerns. These accounts give admins control over data, applications, infrastructure and other critical assets that average system users don’t have permission to access or change. If a hacker gains access to a privileged account, he or she could inflict significant damage, so any unauthorized access to a […]

  • Endpoint and device security

    SentinelOne Product Review

    Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is a vital tool for creating an effective security infrastructure for your organization. Endpoints are the most common entry point for malware and other malicious attackers, and protecting them is more important than ever with the boom in remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. About SentinelOne SentinelOne is an […]

  • Hacker at computer

    XM Cyber Product Review

    Penetration testing is a powerful method for testing the posture of a security system. It shines a light on vulnerabilities that can lead to disastrous data breaches. There are services that offer white-hat hackers who will simulate attacks. However, these services can be costly and typically only simulate some of the possible attacks. New vulnerabilities […]

  • Amazon Alexa device

    Amazon Alexa Skills Present Security Risks

    Alexa skills are growing in popularity as users look to extend the capabilities of their Alexa devices. Researchers now believe that the rapid adoption of these skills could have implications for information security as they could open Alexa users up to phishing or invasive data collection What is an Amazon Alexa skill? An Amazon Alexa […]

  • ESET Logo

    ESET Product Review: Pricing & Features

    Antivirus solutions have long been a staple of cybersecurity practices. However, antivirus is no longer enough to protect an entire organization’s infrastructure.  Some antivirus solutions have expanded their offerings to include a more comprehensive suite of security tools to match the needs of modern organizations. These solutions must be manageable from a centralized platform and […]

  • Kasada Logo

    Kasada Product Review

    Kasada is an automated bot detection and mitigation solution designed for enterprise web applications. Its aim is to stop bots from crashing websites, automating fraudulent purchases, credential stuffing, scraping contents and launching general cyberattacks. About Kasada Kasada was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Australia. The product identifies bots and other potentially malicious, automated […]

  • Magnifying glass

    Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection Product Review

    Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is an endpoint security solution built to protect against advanced threats. Endpoints are one of the most common means of access for malicious attackers. Each one presents a potential vulnerability that could move laterally and infect an entire network, which makes protecting each and every endpoint vital for large organizations that support […]

  • Job Interview

    Cybersecurity Employment Outlook for 2021

    The massive SolarWinds breach drove home the point that the cybersecurity threat only gets worse with time, the stakes higher – and the tools more sophisticated. With the cost of cybercrime estimated to reach $6 trillion globally in 2021, there is a staggering demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals to combat these threats and manage cyber […]

  • Man at a laptop

    XDR Emerges as a Key Next-Generation Security Tool

    Corporate networks are complex, and so is the myriad of cybersecurity solutions that protect them. Trying to manage all the security tools in a comprehensive way can leave security teams overwhelmed. Extended detection and response (XDR) solutions are a new attempt to unify all those security tools. They’re designed to consolidate multiple products into a […]

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