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  • Photo of lines of computer code with blue, white, and yellow parts.

    BluBracket Product Review: Pricing & Features

    BluBracket is a code security tool that helps developers identify and resolve security issues in their code. The company was launched in February 2020 as a solution for monitoring open source code stored in GitHub repositories. Once the BluBracket interface is authenticated through GitHub, it performs an initial scan for vulnerabilities as well as any […]

  • Network access protection

    ManageEngine Product Review for 2021

    ManageEngine is a division of Zoho Corporation and offers a full suite of IT management tools. This includes security, help desk, networking, and application performance. The ManageEngine IT security portfolio spans everything from privileged access management (PAM) to network configuration to password management. It provides controls for managing security from all angles. About ManageEngine The […]

  • Picture of a woman working on a laptop in a cafe.

    Passwordless Authentication 101

    Although they are the most common tool used to verify a person’s identity, passwords are the least secure mode of authentication. They can be easily hacked, stolen, or otherwise compromised, which makes them a huge cybersecurity risk factor. More and more businesses are adopting passwordless authentication strategies to minimize this gaping vulnerability, so you may […]

  • Top SolarWinds Alternatives and Competitors

    In light of the recent SolarWinds hack, many businesses are wondering which network monitoring tools are safe to use. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks, and cybersecurity threats have increased significantly in the last year. Your network security is of the utmost importance, so your monitoring software should be equipped with the right […]

  • Syxsense Secure Review: Pros & Cons

    Syxsense Secure is an all-in-one endpoint security platform that centralizes vulnerability scanning, EDR, and patch management tools. It provides visibility into the activity of every endpoint device within your organization’s network so you can prevent, identify, and mitigate threats before they can cause any damage. Although Syxsense does not list any straightforward pricing information on […]

  • Picture of a hand on a keyboard.

    Crowdstrike Firewall Management Product Review

    Crowdstrike’s Firewall Management platform is a host firewall tool that centralizes defense against malware threats. It’s a module within the broader Falcon endpoint protection suite, which includes antivirus protection as well as optional features like EDR, threat intelligence, and threat hunting. Crowdstrike Falcon uses next-generation technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and […]

  • Netsparker Product Review

    Netsparker is a tool for scanning a business’s web applications and verifying vulnerabilities as they are detected. This is useful in all stages of the application development and implementation process, including creating proprietary applications, deploying third party applications, and managing vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis for both types. As hacking becomes more common each day, […]

  • Antivirus vs. EPP vs. EDR: How to Secure Your Endpoints

    Terms like antivirus, EDR, and EPP might seem like ones you would hear in a hospital emergency room, but there’s no mistaking the significance these tools have for endpoint security. On one end, antivirus software is suitable if you have a limited number of devices that need protection and a small budget to protect them. […]

  • Lock and Key

    Disk vs File Encryption: Which Is Best for You?

    Full disk encryption is the most commonly used encryption strategy in practice today for data at rest, but does that mean it’s sufficient to prevent unauthorized access to your data? The short answer: No. File-based encryption is another form of transparent encryption that fills in the gaps where full disk encryption falls short. Fortunately, some […]

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