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  • How Machine Identities Can Imperil Enterprise Security

    Managing machine identities has never been more critical to an enterprise’s cybersecurity. Machine identities now outnumber humans in enterprises, according to Nathanael Coffing, co-founder and CSO of Cloudentity. Without thorough visibility and proper management of machine-to-machine communications, all those machines can become a huge security issue. Gartner’s list of the top security risks and trends […]

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    How to Get Started in a Cybersecurity Career

    There just aren’t enough cybersecurity pros to go around, meaning that people with the right skills and enough dedication have plenty of opportunities to land rewarding and lucrative jobs. And with that well publicized security skills shortage – and equally well publicized attacks – there are plenty of people looking to get into security as […]

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    Mobile Malware: Threats and Solutions

    As users have increasingly moved from desktop operating systems to mobile devices as their primary form of computing, cyber attackers have taken notice and malware has followed. While the total volume of mobile malware is a fraction of that created for desktops, it is nonetheless a growing security concern, as more and more high-value and […]

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