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  • What the Heck is DNSSEC?

    The Internet runs on DNS. More specifically, DNS (Domain Name System) is the protocol by which machine-friendly 32-bit IPv4 (ex: and 126-bit IPv6 (ex: 2002:4A7D:E291:0:0:0:0:0) addresses are translated into human friendly representations like www.google.com. Paul Mockapetris wrote and implemented the earliest official version of DNS in 1983 and the original specifications were published as […]

  • Communicating Complex Security Concepts

    Are you a visual learner or a verbal one? Consider the last time you had to change a password from a short, dictionary word like dogs to a longer, multi-character one like Eq_7A6>6fc8c. How were the instructions given and which ones helped you understand the parameters for acceptable passwords? Did verbal instructions like: The password […]

  • Navigating Smartphone Liability: Corporate Liable v. Individual Liable

      It’s a familiar scene played out in waiting lines, airport gates, and restaurants every day. Someone scrolls through their handheld device, scans some text, shakes their head worriedly or angrily then rushes to make a call to the office or a business colleague. While the finer points of whether or not checking messages in […]

  • How to Choose the Right Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Introduction Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) entered the IT security scene about 10 years ago with offerings from start-up companies Perfecto (renamed Sanctum before being acquired by WatchFire in 2004), KaVaDo (acquired by Protegrity in 2005), and NetContinuum (acquired by Barracuda in 2007). The premise was fairly simple: as attacks moved up the IP stack to […]

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