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Some employees' names and Social Security numbers were accessed, though it's not yet clear what other data, if any, may have been exposed.

Hilton Worldwide Admits Credit Card Breach

Cardholder names, payment card numbers, security codes and expiration dates may have been accessed.

Amazon Resets User Passwords in Response to Possible Breach

While there's no indication that the passwords were improperly accessed, Amazon says it has reset some passwords out of 'an abundance of caution.'

69 Percent of Executives Would Bypass Security Controls to Close a Deal

Still, 41 percent believe security should be more important than business flexibility, a recent survey found.

Starwood Hotels Hacked

The point-of-sale systems at 54 of the company's hotels were infected with malware.

6 Million Georgia Residents' Personal Data Exposed by Mistake

The information exposed includes Social Security numbers and birthdates.

40 Percent of Companies Expect an Insider Data Breach Next Year

But 72 percent of security professionals say their board doesn't treat insider threats as seriously as external threats, a recent survey found.

MetroPCS, Nutmeg Customer Data Exposed by Mistake

Both breaches appear to have been the result of coding errors.

90 Percent of Industries Have Suffered Breaches of PHI

Only the utilities and management industries had no reported PHI breaches, according to a recent report.

Android Tablets Sold on Amazon Infected with Cloudsota Trojan

The tablets have been sold and delivered to over 17,000 customers in more than 150 countries.

Breach at Securus Technologies Exposes 70 Million Prison Phone Calls

The 37 GB cache includes records of calls placed by more than 63,000 inmates.

90 Percent of Organizations Experience At Least One Insider Threat a Month

The average organization experiences 9.3 such threats every month, according to recent research.

One Fifth of Those Who Find Lost USB Drives Use Them, Despite Risk

A recent study also found that 45 percent of employees receive no cyber security training at all.

Most Businesses Are Too Confident About Data Security

While 83 percent said they're either fairly or very confident that they're secure against a data breach, just 49 percent had not experienced one.

Touchnote Acknowledges Data Breach

The exposed data includes customers' names, email addresses, mailing addresses, order histories and the last four digits of credit card numbers.

U.S. Government Officials Targeted by Iranian Hackers

Iran's Revolutionary Guard allegedly has an army of hackers trained in Russia.

47 Percent of Companies Were Breached in the Past Two Years

And 65 percent believe threat intelligence could have prevented or minimized the impact of those breaches, according to a recent survey.

Ransomware Is Now the Leading Mobile Malware Threat

And porn sites are now the top mobile infection vector, according to Blue Coat.

Reused Passwords Expose 1,827 Vodafone Accounts

The accounts were accessed using email addresses and passwords acquired elsewhere, according to the company.

Half of IT Security Pros Don't Think Their Organization Will Be Attacked

At the same time, 61 percent aren't confident in their organization's ability to detect advanced threats, a recent survey found.

Data Breach at Web Host Exposes 13 Million Passwords in Plain Text

The data, which appears to have been stolen in March 2015, includes names, user names, plain text passwords, and email addresses.

U.S. Has World's Worst Gender Gap in Cyber Security Education

69 percent of U.S. women said no teacher or career counselor had ever suggested a cyber security career to them, compared to 55 percent of U.S. men.

U.S. Senate Approves Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 74 to 21.

Top 20 Android Security Apps

While it used to be necessary to deploy an anti-virus app along with a separate anti-theft app and perhaps an individual app locker, most Android security solutions now include all of that functionality in a single app. This list includes mostly broad-based Android security solutions, along with one dedicated anti-theft app and three password management options.

Hackers Use 900 CCTV Cameras to Launch DDoS Attacks

Hundreds of infected cameras were used to attack an Incapsula client -- and one of those cameras was five minutes away from Incapsula's offices.