Articles by Jeff Goldman 

McDonald's Website Flaw Exposes User Passwords

'If there's one thing you shouldn't do, it's decrypting passwords client side,' researcher Tijme Gommers noted.

Researchers Warn of Highly Effective New Gmail Phishing Scam

The attack has already caught several technical users, according to Wordfence CEO Mark Maunder.

95 Percent of Enterprise Cloud Services Aren't Enterprise Ready

82 percent don't encrypt data at rest, according to a recent report.

Report: Anthem Breach Was Caused by a Foreign Government

CrowdStrike analysts determined the identity of the attacker, and concluded that the attacker was acting on a foreign government's behalf.

UK Government Cyber Accelerator Announces Support for Seven Startups

The seven companies will begin a three-month program providing mentoring, contact with investors, office space and access to GCHQ personnel.

74 Percent of Organizations Using Two-Factor Authentication Face User Complaints

Nine percent of organizations using two-factor authentication say their users simply 'hate it,' a recent survey found.

ESEA Hacker Demands $100,000, Exposes 1.5 Million User Records

The hacker provided the records to LeakedSource after ESEA refused to pay the ransom.

69 Percent of Companies Have Suffered Data Loss Due to Employee Turnover

28 percent of organizations don't wipe corporate data from employee-owned devices when they leave, a recent survey found.

Almost a Fifth of Companies Have No DDoS Protection At All

And 39 percent are unclear on how to protect against DDoS attacks, a recent survey found.

New California Law: Deploy Ransomware, Face Four Years in Prison

The law went into effect on January 1, 2017.

Hospital Patient Posts 15,000 People's Protected Health Information on Social Media Site

The exposed data includes names, addresses, Social Security numbers and Medicaid identification numbers.

Topps Data Breach Exposes Months of Credit Card Data

Customers who shopped at the company's website between July 30 and October 12 of 2016 may be affected.

90 Percent of IT Pros Worry About Password Reuse

And 94 percent have implemented two-factor authentication for at least one application, a recent survey found.

Chinese Hackers Charged with Breaching U.S. Law Firms, Trading on Stolen Information

The hackers are alleged to have made over $4 million in illegal profits from the trades.

74 Percent of IT Pros Work Unpaid Overtime Every Week

Over a third work more than 15 extra hours per week, a recent survey found.

66 Percent of U.S. Consumers Have Given Their Phone Passcodes to Others

One in four said something embarrassing has popped up on their phone while someone else was holding it, a recent survey found.

55 Percent of Consumers Would Respond to a Retailer Breach by Switching to Cash

And 20 percent would just stop shopping at the affected merchant, a recent survey found.

Lynda.com, L.A. County Acknowledge Massive Data Breaches

9.5 million Lynda.com users and 756,000 L.A. County residents may be affected.

44 Percent of Organizations Miss Data Breach Investigating and Reporting Deadlines

And seven percent said a missed deadline had resulted in serious consequences, a recent survey found.

Researchers Find Russian Hacker Selling Access to U.S. Election Assistance Commission

The hacker claimed to be accessing the system via an unpatched SQL injection vulnerability.

More Than One Billion Yahoo User Accounts Exposed in Massive Breach

Over a billion names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, hashed passwords and security questions and answers may may have been accessed.

New Amazon Phishing Campaign Targets Holiday Shoppers

Thousands of victims worldwide have already been hit by the scam.

Hackers Steal Trade Secrets in 'Massive Cyber Attack' on German Manufacturer

The company said the attack involved 'organized, highly professional hacker activities.'

Hackers Expose Info on 87 Million Dailymotion User Accounts

In 18.3 million cases, the exposed data includes hashed passwords.

60 Percent of Enterprises Were Breached by Social Engineering Attacks in 2016

And 65 percent of those attacks compromised employees' login credentials, a recent survey found.