Articles by Jeff Goldman 

Data Breach at Michaels Stores Exposes 3 Million Credit Cards

Approximately 2.6 million payment cards used at Michaels locations were accessed, along with 400,000 cards used at Aaron Brothers.

UPMC Data Breach Affects 27,000 Employees

At least 788 UPMC employees have already been victims of tax fraud.

Three Self-Described Anonymous Hackers Arrested in South Korea

The three have been charged with threatening to launch cyber attacks against the Korean government.

Alleged Heartbleed Hacker Arrested in Canada

Stephen Solis-Reyes, 19, is a second-year student at Western University.

Two Thirds of U.S. Companies Were Breached by SQL Injection Attacks in 2013

The average SQL injection breach took almost 140 days to discover, according to the Ponemon Institute.

Phishing Campaign Targets World of Warcraft Players

The e-mails ask recipients for their user names, passwords, and answers to security questions.

Texas Cardiology Clinic Hacked

More than 1,400 patients' names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers and medical records were exposed.

88 Percent of U.S. Consumers Are Worried About Data Privacy

One third of consumers have been directly impacted by the misuse of personal data in the past year, according to GfK.

University Urology Acknowledges Insider Breach

An administrative assistant provided patient names and addresses to a competing healthcare provider.

Plastic Surgery Provider Hacked, 480,000 People's Data Exposed

Potential clients' names, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and birthdates were exposed, along with the surgeries they were considering.

Mumsnet Resets 1.5 Million Passwords Following Data Breach

The Heartbleed bug was leveraged to access user names, e-mail addresses and passwords.

Heartbleed Bug Exposes 900 Canadian Taxpayers' Data

The Canada Revenue Agency says some data 'that may related to businesses' was also accessed.

Nine Charged with Using Zeus Malware to Steal Millions

The defendants allegedly told banks they were employees of the victims and were authorized to make transfers from their accounts.

VFW Hacked

A hacker believed to be from China accessed 55,000 VFW members' names, addresses and Social Security numbers.

LaCie Acknowledges Year-Long Data Breach

Customers who made online purchases between March 2013 and March 2014 are affected.

Hacker Weev's Conviction Overturned

Key to the court's decision was the question of whether Andrew Auernheimer should have been charged in New Jersey.

Bulgarian Credit Card Fraud Gang Dismantled

25 people were arrested, and 250 skimming devices, 2,000 blank credit cards and more than 50,000 Euros in cash were seized.

Canada Stops Accepting Online Tax Returns Due to Heartbleed Bug

The CRA says taxpayers will not be penalized for filing their returns late.

Hackers Steal $35,000 in Club Carlson Gold Points

The company says about 650 customers are affected.

Majority of Employees Don't Receive Security Awareness Training

A recent survey found that 56 percent of respondents have not been provided with training by their employers.

Deltek Hacked

The passwords of 80,000 employees of federal contractors may have been accessed, along with credit card data for 25,000 of those employees.

Fake Anti-Virus App Gets 10,000 Downloads on Google Play

The app was briefly the top new paid app on Google Play, but it did nothing at all.

Southern California Hospital Acknowledges Insider Breach

Patients' Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers, addresses, birthdates and limited medical information were accessed more than a year ago.

70 People Arrested for Airline Ticket Fraud

According to Europol, the arrests took place in 23 countries, in connection with 265 fraudulent ticket purchases.

European Cyber Army Hacker Targets Syria

Over 60,000 full names, user names, phone numbers and home addresses were leaked, along with several encrypted passwords and several in clear text.