Articles by Jeff Goldman 

950,000 Coachella User Accounts Being Sold Online

Email addresses, user names and hashed passwords are being offered for sale for $300.

76 Percent of Healthcare Organizations Plan to Increase Security Spending in 2017

90 percent of U.S. healthcare organizations feel vulnerable to data threats, a recent survey found.

62 Percent of Companies Store Sensitive Customer Data in the Public Cloud

And almost 40 percent of cloud services are commissioned without the involvement of IT, a recent survey found.

26 Percent of IT Pros Admit Sharing Passwords

And just 55 percent believe their company's current technology investment is sufficient to ensure security, a recent survey found.

74 Percent of Companies that Suffer a Data Breach Don't Know How It Happened

And just two thirds of IT pros say their current IT security budget is sufficient, a recent survey found.

Global Shortfall of 1.8 Million Cyber Security Pros Expected by 2022

45 percent of companies say the cyber security skills shortage is causing breaches, a recent survey found.

Over 75 Percent of Ransomware Comes from Russian Speakers

More than 1,445,000 users were hit by ransomware in 2016, according to a recent report.

PIP Printing Breach Exposes 400 GB of Highly Sensitive Data

The exposed data ranges from former NFL players' Social Security numbers and medical information to confidential files from Hustler Hollywood stores.

Arby's Hacked, Credit Card Data Compromised

More than 335,000 credit and debit cards may have been compromised.

69 Percent of Companies' Security Solutions Are Outdated, Inadequate

70 percent have invested in IT security technology that wasn't successfully deployed a recent survey found.

Vizio Fined $2.2 Million for Tracking 11 Million Users' Behavior without Consent

The company aggregated viewing data, attached demographic information to it, and sold it to third parties for use in targeted advertising.

InterContinental Hotels Group Suffers Credit Card Breach

Bars and restaurants at 12 IHG properties across North America were affected.

Threat Surge: 2016 Saw 167 Times as Much Ransomware as 2015

Reasons for the surge include the rise of ransomware as a service, easier access in the underground market, and the low cost of conducting an attack.

Just 21 Percent of Banks and Insurers Are Confident They Can Detect a Data Breach

Still, 83 percent of consumers say they trust banks and insurers to maintain strong cyber security, a recent survey found.

Children's Medical Center of Dallas Pays $3.2 Million Fine for HIPAA Violations

The organization failed to encrypt patient data after an unencrypted, non-password protect BlackBerry containing PHI was lost in 2009.

Hackers Disable Door Locks at Four-Star Hotel, Demand Ransom

The hackers demanded 2 Bitcoins in payment to return control of the systems back to the hotel -- and the hotel says it had no choice but to pay.

Hacker Compromises 2.5 Million Xbox 360, PSP ISO Forum Accounts

Email addresses, passwords and IP addresses were exposed.

30 Percent of IT Pros Admit Their Organizations Are Very or Extremely Vulnerable to Attack

And 26 percent said their organizations were breached in the past year, a recent survey found.

Ransomware App Found in Google Play Store

The app demanded 0.2 Bitcoins in payment from infected users.

4,419 Data Breaches Exposed Over 4.2 Billion Records in 2016

94 of those breaches exposed a million or more records each, according to a recent report.

Ongoing Shamoon Malware Attacks Linked to Greenbug Cyber Espionage Group

The attacks continued to hit organizations in Saudi Arabia earlier this week.

62 Percent of Data Security Pros Don't Know Where Their Most Sensitive Unstructured Data Resides

And 93 percent say they face persistent challenges in protecting data, a recent survey found.

All-Time High of 1,093 Data Breaches Reported in U.S. in 2016

The number represents a 40 percent increase over the previous year, according to a recent report.

Three Medical Data Breaches Expose 242,600 Patients' PHI

The exposed data includes names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, contact details, medical record numbers and/or clinical information.

Ukraine Blackout Was Caused by ‘Premeditated and Multi-Level' Cyber Attack

The country's national power company hasn't said whether it was able to link the attack to any specific group or nation state.