Articles by Jeff Goldman 

O2, Kimpton Hotels Investigate Data Breach Claims

The O2 breach appears to have been caused by password reuse, while the Kimpton breach leveraged point-of-sale malware.

Clash of Kings Data Breach Exposes 1.6 Million Accounts

The exposed data includes user names, email addresses, IP addresses, device identifiers, Facebook data, and hashed and salted passwords.

20 Percent of Organizations Fail to Change Default Passwords on Privileged Accounts

And 50 percent don't audit privileged account activity, a recent survey found.

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Publishes New Guidance on Ransomware

'Organizations need to take steps to safeguard their data from ransomware attacks,' says Office for Civil Rights director Jocelyn Samuels.

External Cyber Attacks Cost the Average Enterprise $3.5 Million a Year

Still, 79 percent of companies lack comprehensive strategies to detect and mitigate such attacks, a recent survey found.

58 Percent of Businesses in the U.K. Were Breached in the Past Two Years

And just 25 percent are completely confident in their ability to handle security incidents, a recent survey found.

Omni Hotels, Noodles & Company, NC State Acknowledge Data Breaches

The three recent breaches exposed thousands of customers' personal and payment card information.

1,025 Wendy's Locations Impacted by Credit Card Breach

The attacks appear to have been enabled by the theft of third-party service providers' remote access credentials.

50 Percent of SMBs Were Breached in the Past Year

And just 14 percent of SMBs see their ability to mitigate cyber attacks as highly effective, a recent survey found.

Less Than a Third of Companies Have Cyber Security Experts in Their IT Departments

And 67 percent of IT professionals have no cyber security certifications, a recent survey found.

Massachusetts General Hospital Suffers Third-Party Data Breach

Approximately 4,300 patients' names, birthdates and Social Security numbers were exposed.

Massive IoT DDoS Attack Leverages 25,513 CCTV Cameras

The cameras, located in 105 countries, delivered as many as 50,000 HTTP requests per second.

Massive Ransomware Attack Hits Millions of Microsoft Office 365 Users

Approximately 57 percent of all organizations using Office 365 were hit by the attack.

Hacker Selling 655,000 Stolen Medical Records for $700,000

The stolen records include full names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, mailing addresses and insurance information.

Carbonite, GoToMyPC Hit by Password Reuse Attacks

Both attacks leveraged email addresses and password stolen from other sites.

Wendy's Hit By Class Action Lawsuit Over Massive Credit Card Breach

The suit was filed by Veridian Credit Union on behalf of all U.S. financial institutions whose customers were affected by the data breach.

Acer Hacked

Names, addresses, credit card numbers, expiration dates and CVV codes were accessed.

Cisco Intros $10 Million Global Cyber Security Scholarship Program

The program is intended to increase the pool of available talent with cyber security skills.

Russian Hackers Hit Republican, Democratic Presidential Campaigns

Hackers breached the DNC's network. and targeted Trump's and Clinton's campaigns along with some Republican PACs.

5 Ways to Defuse Data Threat from Departing Employees

Departing employees who take sensitive data with them present a huge security threat. Protection begins with data discovery and classification.

27 Percent of Cloud Apps Present Significant Risks to the Enterprise

And the average organization's users connect 733 third-party cloud apps to the corporate environment, according to a recent report.

66 Percent of U.S. Adults Say They're Likely to Stop Doing Business with a Breached Company

And 21 percent are very likely to do so, a recent survey found.

Mitsubishi Highlander Hacked via Wi-Fi

Pen Test Partners researchers were able to disable the car's alarm remotely.

Majority of NFL Players' Medical Exam Results Exposed by Laptop Theft

The unencrypted laptop held copies of the medical exam results for all NFL Combine attendees for the past 13 years.

Myspace, Tumblr, Fling Breaches Exposed 465 Million Accounts

The data, all of it dating back to 2013 or earlier, is being offered for sale online.