Articles by Jeff Goldman 

76 Percent of Security Pros Say Sharing Threat Intelligence Is a Moral Responsibility

Fully 95 percent are using threat intelligence in some way, a recent survey found.

M&A Due Diligence, Cyber Security, and the Massive Yahoo Data Breach

Verizon, which announced plans to acquire Yahoo two months ago, says it only learned of the breach last week.

Chinese Researchers Find Major Security Flaws in Tesla Model S

The flaws enabled the researchers to fold in the rear view mirrors, pop the trunk, and activate the brakes remotely while the car was being driven.

40 Percent of Organizations Store Admin Passwords in Word Documents

Still, 55 percent say they have evolved processes for managing privileged accounts, a recent survey found.

28 Percent of Organizations Don't Encrypt Data in Public Cloud Environments

And 47 percent said security concerns are their main reason for avoiding cloud deployments, a recent survey found.

FBI Urges Ransomware Victims to Report Attacks

Doing so, the FBI stated, 'provides law enforcement with a greater understanding of the threat.'

World Anti-Doping Agency Breached by Russian Hackers

Confidential medical information for U.S. athletes including Simone Biles and Serena Williams was published online.

DDoS Attacks Up by 75 Percent in Q2 2016

The largest attack detected in the second quarter peaked at 256 Gbps, according to Verisign.

U.S. Small Businesses Lose $75 Billion a Year to Ransomware

Downtime resulting from ransomware attacks can cost companies more than $8,500 an hour, a recent survey found.

Hutton Hotel, Kimpton Hotels Acknowledge Payment Card Breaches

Cards used at front desks and restaurants may be affected.

Mobile Device Infections Surged by 96 Percent in First Half of 2016

And smartphones accounted for 78 percent of those infections, according to Nokia.

SWIFT Warns of New Cyber Attacks on Banks

As many as 12 banks may have suffered breaches.

68 Million Dropbox Account Credentials Exposed

The data comes from a breach dating back to mid-2012.

52 Percent of Hackers Would Help the FBI Hack the iPhone for a Fee

And nine percent would do it for free, a recent survey found.

Just 30 Percent of Organizations Feel Ready to Handle IoT Security Risks

Still, 47 percent expect the number of IoT devices on their networks to increase by at least 30 percent next year.

66 Percent of IT Pros Say Privileged Users Access Sensitive Data Simply Out of Curiosity

And 74 percent think privileged users believe they're empowered to access all the information they're able to view, a recent survey found.

Credit Card Breach Hits All Eddie Bauer Stores in U.S., Canada

Names, card numbers, security codes and expiration dates were accessed.

Sage Employee Arrested for Insider Breach

The breach may have exposed the personal information of employees at 280 companies.

Point-of-Sale Breach Hits Hyatt, Marriott, InterContinental, Starwood Hotels

Customer names, account numbers, expiration dates and verification codes may have been accessed.

MICROS Hackers Hit Five More POS Companies

The hackers targeted weaknesses in the vendors' servers, then attempted to steal login information and use it to access retailers' POS systems.

62 Percent of Employees Have Access to Data They Shouldn't Be Able to See

And 76 percent of organizations have experienced the loss or theft of data in the past two years, a recent survey found.

Russian Hackers Hit Oracle's MICROS POS

It's not yet clear how many customers may be affected.

Advocate Health Care to Pay Record-Breaking $5.55 Million Fine for Data Breach

'We hope this settlement sends a strong message,' OCR director Jocelyn Samuels said.

3.7 Million People Affected by Massive Data Breach at Banner Health

A wide range of information was exposed, from credit card numbers to patient data.

71 Percent of IT Pros Say Cyber Security Skills Shortage Causes Damage to Organizations

And 82 percent admit to a shortage of cyber security skills, a recent survey found.