Articles by Jeff Goldman 

Half of IT Pros Are More Worried About Insider Threats Than External Ones

The leading concern regarding insider threats is malware installed by careless employees, a recent survey found.

900,000 Deutsche Telekom Routers Disabled by Massive Cyber Attack

The routers were 'affected by an attack from outside,' the company said.

36 Percent of IT Pros Say Loss of Data in the Cloud Would be Catastrophic

And 14 percent said it would cost them their jobs, a recent survey found.

Hackers Hit Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Beacon Theater, Chicago Theater, Michigan State University

The data potentially accessed ranges from students' names and Social Security numbers to credit card numbers and expiration dates.

Almost a Third of Americans Won't Shop Online Due to Security Concerns

And another 14 percent said they're unlikely to do so, a recent survey found.

Over 97 Percent of All Phishing Emails Deliver Ransomware

And 82 percent of email servers are misconfigured, recent research discovered.

Over 18 Percent of Docs in File Sharing Apps Contain Sensitive Data

And 9.3 percent of files shared externally contain sensitive data, a recent survey found.

38 Percent of Mobile Professionals Have Never Used a VPN

And 42 percent access corporate data over public Wi-Fi, a recent survey found.

Researchers Demo Citywide Bricking Attack via IoT Malware

The proof-of-concept worm could jump from one smart bulb to another via ZigBee wireless connectivity.

77 Percent of Ransomware Attacks Successfully Bypass Email Filtering

And 95 percent bypass firewalls, a recent survey found.

40,000 Tesco Bank Accounts Accessed by Cyber Thieves

In 20,000 cases, the bank says, the breaches resulted in 'money being withdrawn fraudulently.'

Massive DDoS Attacks Disable Internet Access Throughout Liberia

The attacks exceeded 500 Gbps.

43 Percent of IT Pros Say Cyber Attacks That Hit Their Companies Were Preventable

21 percent say the breaches could have been prevented if security policies were better communicated to employees.

73 Percent of Security Pros Aren't Using Threat Intelligence Data Effectively

Just 46 percent say they're using threat data at all in deciding how to respond to malicious activity.

Australian Red Cross Data Breach Exposes 550,000 Blood Donors' Personal Information

Names, genders, email addresses, phone numbers and birthdates were exposed by a third party vendor.

Schneider Electric Patches Major ICS Vulnerability

The flaw was discovered almost six months ago by researchers at Indegy Labs.

Hacking the Presidential Election: Can It Happen?

Hackers can leverage lots of technical vulnerabilities to affect election results. But a coordinated attack would be tough, due to voting systems' fragmented nature.

Two-Thirds of Americans Think They're Tech Savvy... But They're Not

64 percent of U.S. consumers think they're always safe sharing personal data on a major retail or social networking site.

Major DDoS Attack Disables Websites Across the U.S.

The attack on Dyn's managed DNS services hit sites ranging from CNN to Twitter.

Massive Weebly Data Breach Exposes Over 43 Million Users' Info

The exposed data includes email addresses and/or user names, IP addresses and encrypted passwords.

Hackers Steal Data from Japanese Nuclear Facility

The hackers were able to siphon the data out of the facility for six months before they were discovered.

Vera Bradley Acknowledges Point-of-Sale Breach

The retailer was notified by law enforcement of a 'potential data security issue' on September 15.

43 Percent of IT Pros Say It's Difficult to Secure Data in the Cloud

And 73 percent prefer to keep their sensitive corporate data on premises rather than in the cloud, a recent survey found.

48 Percent of Companies Don't Inspect the Cloud for Malware

Among those that do check for it, fully 57 percent have found malware, a recent survey found.

Two Thirds of Cyber Security Pros Struggle to Define Their Career Paths

Still, 46 percent are solicited for jobs at other companies at least once a week, a recent survey found.