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  • Buy a Botnet: THOR for Sale for $8,000

    A new botnet coded by TheGrimReap3r is currently nearing completion, and will soon be offered for sale on hacking forums for $8,000. “THOR does not use a central [command and control server],” Infosecurity reports. “It has a decentralized architecture based on peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. P2P botnets are the latest innovation in the battle between whitehat… Read more

  • Digital Playground Porn Site Hacked

    The porn site Digital Playground was recently hacked by The Consortium, exposing 72,794 customers’ user names, e-mail addresses and passwords, as well as more than 44,000 credit card numbers. “They did not dump the 44,663 credit card numbers that they claim to have acquired, but note that card numbers, card expiration date, cvv and all… Read more

  • Hiring Hackers and Buying Malware is Easy

    In the earlier days of computers, virus writers and hackers were viewed as fame-seeking and adrenaline-hungry teens with nothing better to do. But as PC usage and the Internet grew, the amount of potential victims grew exponentially and money became the hacker’s greatest motivator; spawning a whole new cyber-lexicon that now includes the term criminal.… Read more

  • The Pros and Cons of Advanced Authentication

    The cornerstone of any reliable security system is authentication, the way of confirming the truth of something or the identity of a person. To protect data and/or control access to data, many organizations still rely on the simplest and most common form of authentication: the password. Not surprisingly, the basic password is too often breached… Read more

  • Anonymous Hackers Hit Child Porn Web Sites

    Members of Anonymous claim to have taken down more than 50 child pornography Web sites and leaked the names of more than 1,500 members of one of the sites. “The Anonymous campaign began Oct. 14, when members of the hacktivist group found a cache of child-pornography websites while browsing a secret website called the Hidden… Read more

  • Trend Micro Endpoint Security Review

    Trend Micro is one of the “big four” business endpoint security vendors, along with Symantec, McAfee and Kaspersky. Its offering comes in two versions: a standard one, called OfficeScan Standalone, and a more comprehensive suite called Enterprise Security for Endpoints. OfficeScan Standalone offers protection for Windows-based endpoints and Windows, Linux and Netware servers, while Enterprise… Read more

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