Buy a Botnet: THOR for Sale for $8,000

A new botnet coded by TheGrimReap3r is currently nearing completion, and will soon be offered for sale on hacking forums for $8,000.

“THOR does not use a central [command and control server],” Infosecurity reports. “It has a decentralized architecture based on peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. P2P botnets are the latest innovation in the battle between whitehat security researchers and law enforcement agencies and the blackhat criminal underground.”

“THOR, claims TheGrimReap3r, uses ‘256-AES encryption with random key generation at each startup’ and that 8192-bit RSA will be used for instruction signing — ironically adding that ‘the NSA recommends 2048-bit,'” the article states.

Go to “THOR: a new P2P botnet for sale” to read the details.

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