Twistlock: Container Security Product Overview and Analysis

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Company Description

Used by 25 percent of the Fortune 100, Twistlock provides an automated and scalable container cybersecurity platform. Founded in 2015 by CEO Ben Bernstein and VP R&D Dima Stopel, Twistlock is privately held, with funding from Polaris Partners, 1011 Ventures, Rally Ventures, YL Ventures and Dell Technologies Capital. Twistlock is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with offices in New York City, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, London, and Herzliya, Israel.


The Twistlock Cloud Native Cybersecurity Platform provides full lifecycle security for containerized environments. From pipeline to perimeter, Twistlock helps customers scale securely and deploy containers with confidence. The Twistlock Platform goes beyond just containers to secure the entire cloud native stack, from the host OS to serverless functions.

Key Features

The Twistlock Platform provides vulnerability management and compliance across the application lifecycle by scanning images and serverless functions to prevent security and compliance issues from progressing through the development pipeline, and continuously monitoring all registries and environments.

Additionally, Twistlock provides defense in depth, with access control; automated, machine-learning driven runtime defense; and cloud native firewalls to protect modern applications from threats.

Product Performance Metrics

Twistlock is automatically deployed, and relies on behavioral learning to automatically create and enforce security profiles/models. Twistlock has helped customers identify vulnerabilities in thousands of images, blocked thousands of builds of vulnerable images, enforced compliance with security standards for thousands of deployments, and identified compromised containers and hosts at hundreds of customers.


Twistlock runs entirely within customer environments with no required connectivity.


An annual subscription includes all platform capabilities and covers protection for containers, VMs and serverless functions.

Top Twistlock Alternatives

1 Sysdig

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Sysdig Secure is a SaaS platform that provides unified security across containers and cloud and is part of the Sysdig Secure DevOps platform. DevOps and security teams can use it to reduce risk with visibility across containers, hosts, Kubernetes, and cloud. It can detect and respond to threats and validate cloud posture and compliance. Additionally, it can maximize performance and availability by monitoring and troubleshooting cloud infrastructure and services.

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2 NeuVector

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NeuVector takes a networking-focused approach to container security, providing automated segmentation capabilities and attack detection. It includes a container firewall that can filter application layer traffic to help identify anomalous behavior. Using process and file system monitoring with Layer 7 network inspection, unauthorized container activity or connections from containers can be blocked without disrupting normal container sessions.

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3 Alert Logic

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Alert Logic is a managed detection and response (MDR) provider that secures public clouds, SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid cloud environments. It provides a view of the security vulnerabilities within containerized environments by collecting and analyzing network traffic from the base host and the network traffic to, from, and between containers. Users know within minutes if exploits are actively targeting their container environment.

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