LookingGlass Cyber Solutions: Threat Intelligence Review

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Company Description

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions is an open source-based provider of threat intelligence services, threat data feeds and a threat intelligence platform with 100+ sources of threat and Internet data. Established 2009, it is a privately-held company based in Reston, VA. It has 300 employees and more than 300 customers. To date it has received $100 million in funding.

Product Description

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions delivers unified threat protection against sophisticated cyberattacks to global enterprises and government agencies by operationalizing threat intelligence. Augmenting it is a worldwide team of security analysts who continuously enrich the data feeds and provide customers understanding and response capability into cyber, physical and third-party risks. A service known as LookingGlass ScoutPrime is designed for security analysts hunting specific threats. With this TIP, analysts can deliver guidance to stakeholders via flexible analyst workflow, third-party risk monitoring and customizable threat intelligence scoring.

“Prioritized, relevant and timely insights enable customers to take action on threat intelligence across the different stages of the attack life cycle,” said Eric Olson, LookingGlass vice president of Intelligence Operations.


LookingGlass does not use agents.

Markets and Use Cases

All verticals, with particular uptake when utilizing it in a third-party risk monitoring capacity.

Applicable Metrics

It has scaled to meet the demands of global top 50 companies. More than 140 sources of threat data are gathered, ingested, aggregated, normalized, enriched and analyzed to create threat intelligence.

Security Qualifications

STIX & TAXII 2.0 compliant. It is deployed in secure governmental agencies and healthcare facilities.


It includes machine-readable threat intelligence.


Hosted or on-premises.


No specific pricing details available. However, as this is an open-source solution, pricing levels should be reasonable.

Drew Robb
Drew Robb
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