IronSDN WhiteHaX: BAS Product Overview and Insight

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Bottom Line

Companies that are interested a combination of breach and attack simulation (BAS) software and penetration testing might want to consider WhiteHax, also known as IronSDN. It offers flexible solutions that provide “inside-out” cyber defense testing capabilities.

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Very little information is available about IronSDN, the company that sells the WhiteHaX products. The firm says it is led by a “veteran team of experts from security companies such as Symantec, Cisco, McAfee and others.” In addition to offering a BAS solution, it offers pen testing services.

Product Description

The company describes its WhiteHax platform as “a unique multi-appliance, pre & post-infiltration, security-breach simulation platform to allow IT Security teams to test the effectiveness of their already deployed security infrastructure.” It uses an attacker virtual appliance and a target virtual appliance to test the cyber defenses of the servers and endpoints on the network where it is deployed. It has versions available for networks, endpoints, PVC (cloud) and MSSPs, as well as a Lite version.

Key Features

  • Historical graphs displaying readiness against different types of attacks
  • Comprehensive cyberattack and cyberbreach simulations
  • Zero impact on production systems
  • Vendor-neutral
  • Deploys on-premises or in the cloud

Target Market

Enterprises and MSSPs


Available on request

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Cynthia Harvey
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