Israeli Police Go Offline in Response to Cyber Attack Threat

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The Israeli Police today ordered all officers to disconnect their computers from the civilian Internet.

"An intelligence tip indicated that a virus would be inserted into the police's central computer system via a disk-on-key or CD," writes Haaretz's Yanir Yagna. "The police issued an order at around 10:30 A.M, warning all relevant parties to avoid inserting any media devices into any computer linked to the system. The system was disconnected from the civilian web network immediately following the announcement, until further notice."

"'The only reason for disconnecting the computers from the internet is the apparent concern that information would be leaked. This is not a simple thing to carry out, and it's only implemented in acute situations where there's genuine concern of leaking information and utilizing such a Trojan horse planted in the network, one way or another,' says Roni Mecher, manager of the cyber field at Avnet Information Security," IsraelDefense reports.

"An investigation is currently underway to determine whether the virus successfully entered the computer network and whether any damage has been caused," Israel Hayom reports.

"The intelligence tip did not indicate the culprit behind the attack, but it appeared to be an external organization," RT reports. "The police are still trying to identify the source of the information."

"A government official who is familiar with the Israeli E-Government Project, known as 'Tehila,' said the warning was an internal police matter and that no general warning has been received for the government's entire computer network," writes Ynetnews' Omri Efraim. "'This sort of thing happens all the time," he said."