Collective Intelligence Finds 200 Millionth Piece of Malware


Panda Security's Collective Intelligence (CI) engine recently processed its 200 millionth piece of malware.

"CI uses the Internet 'community' -- users of Panda's free CloudAntivirus, along with other companies and collaborators -- to locate malware," writes Computerworld's Taylor Armerding.

"The company says CI automatically detects, analyzes and classifies more than 73,000 new malware strains that appear every day, ranging from viruses to worms, Trojans, spyware and other attacks," Armerding writes. "CI now has a database of more than 25 terabytes of cloud-based classification data."

Go to "CI pinpoints 200 millionth piece of cloud-based malware" to read the details.

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