Turkish Ajan Hacker Group Hits City of Mobile Police Department

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The Turkish Ajan Hacker Group recently published data that it claims was taken from the police department of the City of Mobile, Ala. (h/t Cyber War News).

The hackers announced the breach on Twitter, stating, "City of Mobile Police Department Hacked ! Database leak." The attack was identified as part of #OpUSA, a series of anti-U.S. cyber attacks.

The data, in the form of 12 Excel files, was uploaded to Speedy Share. According to Cyber War News, the files contain information related to city events, local business, and site and police information -- along with administrator credentials, including e-mail addresses, full names and encrypted passwords.

Other recent targets of the Turkish Ajan Hacker Group include Gigabyte Technology, Mercedes-Benz and MTV Taiwan.