Hacker JokerCracker Hits Mexican Web Sites


A hacker named JokerCracker recently defaced a seemingly random collection of Web sites in Mexico, including those of the Ministry of Government Administration and Finance of the State of Nayarit, the Insitute for the Education of Young People and Adults of Aguscalientes, a branch of the Universidad Iberoamericana, a balloon company called Globos Fiesta y Color (h/t Cyber War News).

The majority of the breaches seem to have been done for the sake of animal rights -- the hacker added a page to each of the sites that contains the statements "Hacked by JokerCracker," "#opPROANIMAL," and "Si el muere, morimos todos moralmete," or "If he dies, we all die morally."

Separately, JokerCracker hacked the Web site for LG Mexico, where he posted a different defacement page that states simply, "Hacked By JokerCracker. My.World.My.Rules."

In all cases, as Cyber War News notes, the defacement page isn't the main index page -- it's an added page at jc.html.