Donald Trump Hacked, Tweets Lil' Wayne Lyrics

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Following the posting of a single out-of-character tweet, Donald Trump yesterday claimed his Twitter account was hacked.

"The mogul's stream of ripostes to his rivals and relentless promotion of the Trump brand was suddenly interrupted by the phrase: 'These hoes think they classy, well that's the class I'm skippen,'" writes The Huffington Post's Sara C. Nelson.

"Hip hop aficionados immediately recognized in the message a lyric by Lil' Wayne, who is featured on Will.i.am featuring Britney Spears’ song called Scream & Shout," writes The Daily Mail's Snejana Farberov. "As the 66-year-old conservative multimillionaire has never been known as a major hip hop enthusiast, his followers and commentators immediately suspected a prank."

"'My Twitter has been seriously hacked,' Trump wrote after regaining control," The Hollywood Gossip reports. "Seriously hacked. As opposed to nonchalantly or casually hacked."

"Trump’s spokesman Michael Cohen said that authorities are investigating," writes Politico's Kevin Cirilli. "'Regrettably there was a single instance of Mr. Trump’s twitter account being hacked. The offensive tweet was removed within minutes of being posted and is currently being investigated by the authorities,' said Cohen in a statement to Politico."

"One possible explanation closed off? The notion that someone else has been writing Trump’s tweets and inadvertently posted a personal update to the wrong account; Cohen said that Trump writes all his Tweets himself," writes Salon.com's Daniel D'Addario.