Anonymous Hackers Target Mining Company

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Finnish members of Anonymous recently announced plans to attack local mining company Talvivaara.

"In what Anonymous has deemed 'Operation Screw Talvivaara,' the group is aligning their objectives with the support of the overarching Operation Green Rights campaign," writes Threatpost's Christopher Brook. "The new action is part of the group’s ongoing 'Operation Valkomaa,' a campaign the group recently launched against the neo-Nazi Finnish Resistance Movement."

"Anonymous claims Talvivaara has grossly mismanaged how its mining affects the local environment, adding that work at its site in Sotkamo, in Eastern Finland, has exceeded the maximum emissions allowed by permits," Brook writes. "The release also claims waste water from the mining site has leaked sodium sulfate into the lake, hydrogen sulfide is polluting the air and dust is turning snow black."

Go to "Anonymous Finland Wages War on Mining, Leaks 500,000 E-mails" to read the details.

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